Regional Institute of Paramedical and Nursing Sciences

Important Notification for Final Semester/Year Students of RIPANS

Event Date - Wednesday, 15 July 2020


No.T.13012/1/2015-RIPANS(pt)/167: Dated:15-July-2020

                As per notification of UGC and MZU final examination will be held for the final semester/year (only) of RIPANS from 17th August, 2020.Examination for the rest of the semester/year will be held as and when notification from MZU is received.

            RIPANS is arranging to obtain permission from the Govt. of Mizoram for interstate travel to Mizoram on behalf of  all returning students from outside Mizoram and each student will be notified by the Home Ministry, Govt. of Mizoram in their mobile phone.

            Quarantine Centers will be arranged in coordination with the Govt. of Mizoram.

             In the event that any out station student is unable to appear in the ensuing examinations due to transport problems or any other central/state government restrictions arising out of Covid-19 issues, special examination shall be conducted for them, the time will be notified later.

            Students are advised to check RIPANS website regularly for updated notifications.


Director, RIPANS