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Staff ID Name Title Publication Type Publisher Year Volume Chapter Page
Simultaneous estimation of metronidazole and ofloxacin in suspension dosage form using UV-visible spectrophotometer Journal Asian Journal of Chemistry 2006 18 560
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Pharmacological studies on Indian black tea (leaf variety) in acute and chronic inflammatory conditions Journal Wiley InterScience 2008 22 819
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Anti-inflammatory activity of Acanthus ilicifolius Journal Elsevier Ireland 2008 120 12
RP000054 Dr.H.Lalhlenmawia Formulation and Evaluation of Cost Effective Herbal Sunscreen Gel from Aqueous Extracts of different fruits of Mizoram, India Journal International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology 2022
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia The Gastroprotective Role of Acanthus ilicifolius – A Study to Unravel the Underlying Mechanism of Anti-Ulcer Activity Original Research paper MDPI, Switzerland 2012 80 717
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Effect of Fruit Extract of NeoalsomitraclavigeraHutch Original Research paper Centre of Scientific Innovation and Research Publication, India 2013 3 72
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Free Radical Scavenging Activity and Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Methanolic Extract of the Bark of Dillenia pentagyna ROXB. Original Research paper Pubicon International Publication, India 2014 2 918
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Phytochemical screening and determination of antioxidant activity of Helicianilagiricabedd., an ethnomedicinal plant of Mizoram, India Original Research paper Innovare Academic Sciences, India 2014 7 249
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity of Dillenia pentagynaRoxb. bark, a folklore medicine of Mizoram Original Research paper The Mizo Academy of Science, India 2017 17 77
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia In vitro antioxidant and preliminary phytochemical screening of methanolic extract of Macarangadenticulata (Blume) Müll.Arg. Original Research paper The Mizo Academy of Science, India 2018 18 97
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Protective effects of Croton hookeri on streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy Original Research paper Elsevier Ireland 2020 135 110873
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Antioxidant and Analgesic Activity of Acer laevigatum Wall, a Traditional Mizo-Tribe Medicine Original Research paper Pharma Book Syndicate, India 2020 13 5207
RP000391 Dr. Zothanpuia Pharmacognostical, preliminary phytochemical screening and in vitro antioxidant activity of hydromethanol extract of gordoniadipterosperma kurz. Original Research paper Innovare Academic Sciences, India 2020 13 40
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami A sensitive, rapid and specific technique for the detection of collagenase using zymography General Wiley Analytical Science 2008 7 29 1588
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Preliminary phytochemical analysis and antioxidant effect of fruit extract of Neoalsomitraclavigera Hutch Research Article International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Science 2013 1 3 72
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Physicochemical characteristics and antioxidant activity of Prunuscerasoides D. Don gum exudates Research support, Non-US Govt Elsevier 2014 69 199
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Antimicrobial activities of methanol extract of root bark of Hiptagebenghalensis (L) Kurz Research Article 2015 6 3 121
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Characterization and in vitro antioxidant activity of Albizia stipulate Boiv. gum exudates Research support, Non-US Govt Elsevier 2015 80 239
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Exploitation of novel gum Prunuscerasoides as mucoadhesivebeadsfor a controlled-release drug delivery Research support, Non-US Govt Elsevier 2016 85 673
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Investigation on Alocasiafornicata as a novel source of bioactive vegetable oil Current Bioactive Compounds Bentham Science 2017 4 14 386
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Metagenomic analysis and the functional profiles of traditional fermented pork fat ‘sa-um’ of Northeast India Original Article Springer Open 2018 1 8 163
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Evaluation of the food and nutrition value of RubusalceifoliusPoir. fruits of Mizoram, India’ Research Article Eureka Select 2019 4
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Physicochemical, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of fixed and essential oils, extracted from the peels of Citrus macroptera fruit Research Paper Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2019 1 81 88
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami In vitro anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of chloroform extract of Combretumpunctatumvarsquamosum Original Article Mizo Academy of Sciences 2019 3 19 42
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Changes in biochemical and nutritional properties of bekang um (fermented soybean) prepared by traditional method and customized incubator Original Article Mizo Academy of Sciences 2019 2 19 42
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Comparison of surgical site infection rate between antibacterial coated surgical suture and conventional suture: a randomized controlled single centre study for preventive measure of post operative infection Research Article Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2019 5 10 2391
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Phytochemical screening, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activities of ethyl acetate extract of Combretumpunctatumvarsquamosum Research Article NIScPR Publications 2020 1 11 45
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami In vitro antioxidant activity studies of aqueous and freeze-dried fruit extracts of Rhus chinensis and juice of Citrus macroptera and their comparative studies Research Article Innovare Academic Sciences 2020 10 13 109
RP000290 Dr. K.Thanzami Ethnic fermented foods and beverages of Mizoram Book Chapter Springer Nature Singapore 2020 16 457
RP000296 Laldinchhana Dual PI3Kδγ inhibition demonstrates potent anticancer effects in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma models: Discovery and preclinical characterization of LL-00084282 Original Research article Elsevier 2022 275
RP000296 Laldinchhana Formulation and Evaluation ofCost Effective Herbal Sunscreen Gel from Aqueous Extracts of different Fruits of Mizoram, India Original Research paper Pharma book syndicate 2022 6 6233
RP000296 Laldinchhana Phytochemical and Pharmacological Profile of Rubus idaeus Book chapter Taylor & Francis 2022 58 338
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RP000296 Laldinchhana Discovery of a Potent and Selective PI3K δ Inhibitor (S) ‑ 2,4-Diamino- 6-((1-(7- fluoro-1-(4- fluorophenyl)-4-oxo-3-phenyl ‑ 4H ‑ quinolizin-2- yl)ethyl)amino)pyrimidine-5-carbonitrile with Improved Pharmacokinetic Profile and Original Research Article American Chemical Society 2020 23 14723
RP000296 Laldinchhana Evaluation of the Food and Nutrition value of Rubus alceifoliousPoir. Fruits of Mizoram, India Original Research article Bentham Science 2020 16 562
RP000296 Laldinchhana Indian Tropical Fruits and Their Bioactive Compounds Against Human Diseases Book chapter Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. 2020 21 494
RP000296 Laldinchhana Development and Validation of UV-Vis Spectrophotometric Method for Estimation of Amphotericin B Original Research article A and V publication 2020 2 59
RP000296 Laldinchhana Phytosomes: A PromisingApproach for the Delivery of Bioactive Compounds Review article Scitech central 2020 2 518
RP000296 Laldinchhana Chemical profiling of alkylamides from the" herbal Botox", Acmella oleracea, cultivated in Mizoram and their pharmacological potentials Original Research article Triveni enterprise 2020 41 850
RP000296 Laldinchhana An overview on recent advances in polymeric nanoparticles as a colloidal drug carrier Review article Advanced Scientific Research 2020 1 133
RP000296 Laldinchhana Effect of polymeric nanoparticles of curcumin on A549 cell line Original Research article Innovare Academic Sciences Pvt Ltd. 2020 5 53
RP000296 Laldinchhana Formulation and evaluation of gastro retentive floating tablets of Diclofenac sodium based on effervescent technology Original Research article JP Research publication 2019 3 255
Sl No. Name of Project/Title Sanctioning Authority & File No. Amount Sanctioned Co-ordinator Status
1 Investigation of antidiabetic Potential and Phytochemical Constituents of SyziciumcuminiLin AlllndiaCouncilforTechnicalE ducation(AICTE)F.No.8024/ RID/BOR/MOD-115/2008- 2009; Dated: 16° January, 2009. INR-770000 Dr.H.Lalhlenmawia Head of Dept. Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS.
  • Completed
2 Investigation of the Antidiabetic and Antiulcer activity and Isolation of lead molecules from NeoalsometraClav igera Dept. of Biotechnology Govt. of India BT/42fNE/TBT/2010; Dated 25th Feb. 2011. INR-2315000 Dr.H.Lalhlenmawia Head of Dept. Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS.
  • Completed
3 Investigation of anticancer & antiulcer of the selected ethnomedic in alplants of Mizoram and further Isolation and characterization of their chemical Dept. of Biotechnology BCIL/ NER-BPMC/2012/650 Dt.08.05.2012 INR-7515000 Dr. T.C. Lalhriatpuii Asst.Professor, Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS & Co P.I. Ms.R. Lalawmpuii.
  • Completed
4 Isolation, characterization and Formulation studies of gums obtained from Albizia stipulate and Prunus cerasoides of Mizoram Dept. of Biotechnology No.BCIL/NER-BPMC/2012/7 52 Dt.31.05.2012 INR-2436000 Dr.Lalduhsanga Pachuau Asst.Professor,Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS Co P.I. Mrs.K. Thanzami, Asst. Professor
  • Completed
5 Establishment of Facility for evaluation of mechanism of drugs using modern Pharmacology All India Council for Technical Education No.8024/RIFD/MOD(NER)- 58/Policy- 11/2011-12 Dt.26.03.2012 INR-1000000 Mr.Zothanpuia Asst. Professor, Co P.I. Dr H Lalhlenmawia HOD Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS
  • Completed
6 Pharmacognostic & Physicochemical Profiles of 50 Traditionally used medicinal plants of Mizoram Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India BT/IN/IndoUS/Foldscope/39/ 2015; Dated 20* March 2018 INR-800000 Dr. Victoria Devi Asst. Professor, Dept of Pharmacy, RIPANS
  • Completed
7 Institutional Biotech Hub Dept. of Biotechnology Govt. of India BT/04/NE/2009; Dated 21" Sept. 2010. INR-5305000 Mrs. K. Thanzami, Asst. Professor & Co- P.I. Dr. H.Lalhlenmawia, Head, Dept. of Pharmacy,
  • On-going
8 Investigation of Antidiabetic and Antiulcer activity and Isolation of lead molecules from Lepionurus Sylvestris National Medicinal Plants Board. Z.18017/187/CSS/R&D/MZ- 01/2014-15 NMPB/320 INR-2566000 Dr. H. Lalhlenmawia Head, Dept. of Pharmacy, RIPANS.
  • On-going
  • UG
  • PG


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