रीजनल इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ पैरामेडिकल एंड नर्सिंग साइंसेज
Regional Institute of Paramedical and Nursing Sciences
RIPANS Institute is located at Zemabawk on the slope of a hill generously donated by the Govt.of Mizoram. The site is surrounded by National Highway 54 on the South-East and a Hospital and Health Departmental Store on the North-West. It is located in the outskirt, about 10 kms away from the capital city of Aizawl. The scenic beauty of the Campus on completion itself will be attractive beyond comparison with any other similar Institute. The site offers wide scope of development in terms of infrastructure and the dedicated services of the employees (teaching and non-teaching) have created an environment of real education. The scenic beauty of the city can be well seen and appreciated from the Campus. Read More
  • Image Mizoram Governor Holds a Meeting With RIPANS Officials & Contractors on 29/03/2023
  • Image CNE Workshop Inauguration Speech - Director, RIPANS
  • Image CNE organised by 1st Yr M.Sc.Nursing 27th-31st March, 2023
  • Image 74th Republic Day Celebration at RIPANS


Limited Tender (Civil Works)

Rectification of Bathroom, Toilet & Cooler Stand at Girls Hostel-I, ... No. 2 of RIPANS 2022-2023 02-03-2023 10-03-2023 1:00 PM 10-03-2023 2:00 PM Download


Rectification of roof at Optometry Demonstrator Room-II, Academic Block-1,... NIT NO. 9 (Aluminium & Steel Works) RIPANS OF 2022 06-02-2023 13-02-2023 12:00 PM 14-02-2023 2:00 PM Download


Construction of Lecture Room Partition of Department of Nursing, ... NIT NO.10 (Aluminium & Steel Works) RIPANS OF 2022 06-02-2023 13-02-2023 12:00 PM 14-02-2023 2:00 PM Download


Bid for the sale of condemned Assam Type building behind ... B.14015 /13/2022-RIPANS/170 18-10-2022 25-10-2022 12:00 PM 25-10-2022 2:00 PM Download


Repainting Existing Retaining wall Between Admin Block, Directors Quarter & ... NIT NO - 1 (Civil Work) RIPANS OF 2022-2023 17-10-2022 21-10-2022 12:00 PM 21-10-2022 2:00 PM Download

List Of Registered Contractor At RIPANS

Sl. No Name of Contractor/Proprietor Adress Category Contact No. Date of Registration Registration valid upto
1 MP Steel Fabrication Peter Street, Khatla Aizawl-796001 Steel & Aluminium Works 9863608020 13-Sep-2022 12-Sep-2024
2 JN Construction, Prop: H. Lalnunpuia Bawngkawn, Aizawl-796014 Civil and Steel &Aluminium Works 9612800862 13-Sep-2022 12-Sep-2024
3 KIM KIM Enterprise Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl Steel & Aluminium Works 8132832740 19-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2024
4 D&J Construction Mission Veng, Aizawl Civil Works 9863608020 19-Aug-2022 19-Aug-2024
5 5 RMS Construction & Consultancy (Dawngliana) ITI Veng, Aizawl Civil and Steel &Aluminium Works 9862386027 10-Mar-2022 10-Mar-2024
6 6 K.L Fabrication (Lallampuia) Model Veng, Aizawl-796005 Steel & Aluminium Works 9612256711 10-Feb-2021 10-Feb-2023
7 Thirtum Fabrication Armed Veng, Aizawl Steel & Aluminium Works 8974813051 13-Oct-2020 13-Oct-2022
8 L&S Electricals Bungkawn, Aizawl 796001 Electrical Works 9862355915 13-Oct-2020 13-Oct-2022
9 Dengruma Alluminium Works (Lalduhawma) - Steel &Aluminium Works 9089524160 12-Oct-2020 12-Oct-2022
10 FB Steel Industry Zemabawk, Kawn Veng, Aizawl-796017 Steel &Aluminium Works 9436151563 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
11 RC Fabrication Zemabawk, Kawnveng-I, Aizawl-796017 Steel & Aluminium Works 8974668827 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
12 Lalthlan Electricals (Zonunmawia) A-52, Sakawrtuichhun, Aizawl- 796009 Electrical Works 7085364426 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
13 Rebecca Lalremruati Sailo Chanmari-II, Lunglei-796701 (Current Add- Chawnpui, Aizawl) Civil Works 8413934971 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
14 Lawmnapari Chawnpui, Aizawl-796009 Civil Works 8413895455 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
15 Lalhruaitluanga H.no.: N-19, Chawnpui, Aizawl-796009 Civil Works 9436140428 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
16 J & L Associate Jacob Lalfakzuala N-81, Thlerpui Street, Salem Veng, Aizawl-796005 Civil Works 9612328303 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
17 Lalmuanawma Sailo Hn-F45, Bethlehem Vengthlang, Aizawl- 796008 Civil Works 9436384595 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
18 Lalramsanga TLC II/063 K Sec,Venglai Tanhril,Aizawl-796009 Civil Works 8939232169 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
19 Ardeco Design Build Pvt Ltd B-46, Zonuam Aizawl-796009 Civil works 8730843729 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
20 H Kapzauva A-19, Ramlhun Venglai, Aizawl- 796012 Civil Works 9862366807 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
21 Ida Hmingthansiami Mualchin Chaltlang, Aizawl-796012 Civil Works 9856090515 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
22 Risors Associate Services Lalramliana, Rehobot Building, Zarkawt Mainstreet, Aizawl-796007 Civil and Steel &Aluminium Works 9436148747 08-Oct-2020 08-Oct-2022
23 J & L Associates, Prop: Jacob Lalfakzuala Fanai Salem Veng, Aizawl-796005 Civil Works 9612328303 27-Oct-2022 26-Oct-2024
24 RC Fabrication, Prop: Lalramchuana Zemabawk, Aizawl-796017 Steel & Alluminium Works 8974668827 27-Oct-2022 26-Oct-2024
25 GS Steel & Alluminium Work , Prop: Sabika Chhetri Bungkawn, Aizawl Steel & Alluminium Works 9862558416 09-Nov-2022 08-Nov-2024
26 Ida Hmingthansiami Mualchin Chaltlang, Aizawl-796012 Civil Works 9856090515 09-Nov-2022 08-Nov-2024
27 VLZ Aluminuim & Steel Fabrication, Prop: Zothansanga Mission Veng South, Aizawl 796001 Steel & Alluminium Works 9436144307 11-Jan-2023 10-Jan-2025
28 Thirtum Fabrication Armed Veng, Aizawl Steel & Alluminium Works 8974813051 11-Jan-2023 10-Jan-2025
29 Lawmnapari Chawnpui, Aizawl-796009 Civil Works 8413895455 11-Jan-2023 10-Jan-2025