Training & Placement

The Training & Placement Section of RIPANS is mainly the Coordinating body of the Institute for the various courses conducted at RIPANS namely, the Technical Degree Courses of B.Sc (Nursing), B.Pharmacy, B.Sc-MLT, Bachelor’s Degree in Optometry and Ophthalmic Techniques(B.Sc-O.O.T) and Bachelor’s Degree in Radiography & Imaging Technology (B.Sc-R.I.T).

RIPANS is a centre for academic excellence in Paramedical & Nursing Sciences for students from the 8 North Eastern States who want to pursue a career in these technical disciplines. The State Government of the 8 states have their own selection criteria on the basis of merit by which students are nominated for the respective courses of RIPANS. The intake capacity every year for the Degree Courses is 33, excluding Pharmacy which is 30. Vacant seats will be filled up from waiting lists from the 8 state governments.

Mizoram University which is a Central University by Parliament Act No.8 of 2000 has granted Permanent Affiliation to RIPANS as an Institute vide letter No.MZU/CDC/1/10/09/376 dated 30.7.2009 vide its resolution No.E.C.:22:5 (11) in its Executive Council held on 30.6.2009. Permanent Affiliation to B.Sc (Nursing), B.Pharmacy & B.Sc-MLT courses has been granted by Mizoram University to RIPANS vide letter No.MZU/CDC/1/10/11/752 dated 27.7.2011 and Provisional Affiliation to Bachelor’s Degree in Radiography and Imaging Technology (BRIT) and Bachelor’s Degree in Optometry and Ophthalmic Techniques has been granted vide letter No.MZU/CDC/1/10/11/747 dated 19.7.2011.The period of 3 years has been completed and renewal of provisional affiliation has been applied for further 3 years for these two courses. The B.Sc (N) Course is conducted in accordance with Indian Nursing Council (INC) Guidelines and Syllabus and is in conformity with INC directives which are the regulatory and statutory body. The B.Pharmacy course is conducted in conformity with the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which are the regulatory and statutory bodies. The syllabus followed is as per PCI prescribed syllabus and stipulations. B.Sc.-MLT, B.Sc-OOT and B.Sc-RIT courses are also conducted in conformity with Mizoram University and National Task Force of D.G.H.S. which are regulatory and statutory bodies. In 2014 Academic Session Pharmacy Department is initiating M.Pharmacy course with a maximum intake of 32 students per year in the 4 subjects viz. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology.

The Compliance Report & Mandatory Disclosures to the AICTE are sent each year for the B.Pharmacy Course. SIF (Standard Information Format) for the year 2013 has been duly submitted to Pharmacy Council of India. Extension of Approval by AICTE to RIPANS for 2013-2014 was accorded vide letter No.F.No.Eastern/1-1382511065/2013/EOA dt 19.3.2013 and PCI letter No.17-1/2012-PCI/43064-483 dated 23.5.2012 for 2013-2014.

Exposure and Study Tours to other esteemed hospitals and medical institutions were organized to Guwahati and Hyderabad.

This year the Graduation and Lamp Lighting of passing out batch and freshly inducted batch of Nursing students was held on 22nd November, 2013. Convocation for all Degree and Diploma courses was held on the same day at the new open-air stage within RIPANS Campus. It was a graceful occasion, full of bonhomie and camaraderie in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. Fresher’s Welcome was held on 15th November, 2013 and Parafest the Sports & Cultural Bonanza from 8th -15th November, 2013.

Following are the duties and responsibilities of Training & Placement section.

(1) All matters related to payment of Affiliation fees to Mizoram University, PCI, INC, AICTE & MNC.

(2) All matters pertaining to Admissions of students and information to the 8 constituent states namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya & Mizoram.

(3) All matters pertaining to Stipend of Students, their Identity Cards, etc.

(4) All matters pertaining to Inspection by various councils i.e. INC, PCI, AICTE and MSCTE and payment of Inspection fee.

(5) Matters related to Examinations and correspondence relevant for Examinations.
(6) The placement records of passed out students and ex-alumni of RIPANS is also maintained as far as practicable by the section.

(7) This section also serves as the Examination Cell for RIPANS to co-ordinate and organize in the conducting of Mizoram University Examinations. Results are also disseminated after receiving the results from the University.

(8) This section serves as the Internal Quality Assurance Cell vide Order No.F.13018/1/11-RIPANS/ 7 dated 27.5.2011. The Training & Placement Section thus functions as an amalgamating and coordinating body to synchronize the academic matters of the various courses conducted by the institute and converges the correspondence both incoming and outgoing of the various departments into a single channel thereby avoiding correspondence individually or department wise that may create confusions. It thus serves to streamline the academic activities of the institute and ensures uniformity. Initiation and starting of new courses and up-gradation of existing courses is also done by this section.

(9) Comprehensive Detailed Project Report for 9th R.I.P.S and 100 Bedded Hospital has been entrusted to H.L.L Ltd. Relevant Documents for Comprehensive D.P.R for 9th RIPS vide –
(i) letter No.D.O.No.2-28020/07/2007-PMS dated 10.11.2010
(ii) Letter No.Z.28020/07/2007-PMS dated 17.3.2011.
(iii)Cabinet SECRET F.No.2-28020/07/2007-PMS dated 15.6.2010.

The Training & Placement & Examination Cell is situated in the Administrative Block in the Directorate Office and is directly under the Director, RIPANS. The main aim and objective is to facilitate and ensure uniformity and stream lining and smooth functioning of all academic activities of the Institute.

Under the aegis of Director General of Health Services 1 NIPS & 9 RIPS are being established for standardizing Para Medical Education in India. The National Task Force for formation of Para Medical educational norms has included RIPANS. The syllabus followed at RIPANS will be the same as at NIPS & RIPS. However, in addition to Para Medical courses at NIPS & RIPS, RIPANS also has Nursing and Pharmacy which are regulated by Indian Nursing Council and Pharmacy Council of India. The National Task Force met on 19.6.2009 at NIHFW to finally decide the course curriculum for all paramedical courses.

The U.G.C had granted Recognition under 2(f) & 12(B) of the UGC Act, 1956 vide letter F.No.8-170/2010(CPP-I/C) dt 21.8.2013. This is subsequent to Permanent Affiliation of RIPANS as an Institute to Mizoram University which was granted on 30th July, 2009. This is different from separate Permanent Affiliation of each of the respective Degree Courses which is achieved for 3 of our courses.