The Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology Course of RIPANS was introduced with its first batch of students in the year 1996 under the guidance of Dr. Lalsangluaia Sailo MBBS, MS, who was then the Head of Department of Ophthalmology at Civil Hospital, Aizawl. It is recognized by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and affiliated to the MSCTE (Mizoram State Council for Technical Education) which conducted the Final Examinations.

The course was restructured and modified to Diploma in Optometry and has now been upgraded to a degree course of B.Sc (Optometry & Ophthalmic Techniques) from 2011 session and has been accorded Provisional Affiliation by the Mizoram University. Examinations are now conducted by the Mizoram University.


Optometry & Ophthalmic Techniques is a health care profession that is autonomous and optometrists are primary health care practitioners of the eye and visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and dispensing, detection/ diagnosis and co-management of disease in the eye and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system.


It shall be a course of 3 years duration + 1 year Internship conducted by the Institute with clinical postings at Civil Hospital Aizawl and Synod Hospital, Durtlang. Compulsory Internship will be done partly in Mizoram and mostly in identified Eye Care Centres in different parts of India for a period of one year.

Admissions will be held in the month of August every year.

1st Year

August                                     :           Medical Check up and Admissions

September                             :           Commencement of session (Odd Semester)

October                                   :           1st Sessional Exam

November                               :           Freshers Welcome/ Sports & Cultural Fest

15th Dec to 14th Jan.         :           Winter break

15th Jan                                    :           Re-opening

Last week of Jan                    :           2nd Sessional Exam

February                                  :           Semester End Exam (MZU)

March                                        :           Commencement of session (Even Semester)

May                                             :           1st Sessional Exam

July                                             :           2nd Sessional Exam

August                                        :           Semester End Exam (MZU)


The course is open to students who have secured at least 50% in the Class XII (or equivalent) in Science with English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  1. Selection will be done by the participating states each year.
  2. Selected candidates shall be subjected to a medical examination at RIPANS before they are declared fit for admission.


There is a total of 33 seats each year with statewise distribution as follows:

  1. Mizoram                       –  12
  2. Manipur                        –  3
  3. Nagaland                       –  3
  4. Meghalaya                     –  3
  5. Assam                              –  3
  6. Tripura                           –  3
  7. Arunachal Pradesh    –  3
  8. Sikkim                              –  3



  1. Dr. Renee Lalrinzuali MBBS, DPH                                        Head of Department
  2. Dr. R. Lalduhawmi MBBS                                                          Asst. Professor
  3. Dr. Zosangzuala MS (Ophthalmology)                                Asst. Professor
  4. Mr. Firdoos Jaman M.Sc (Optometry)                                 Demonstrator
  5. Ms. Ch. Sarakham Aimol M.Sc (Optometry)                    Demonstrator
  6. Ms. Lalhluzuali Undergoing M.Sc (Optometry)                Demonstrator
  7. Ms. Amy Lalnunsiami Undergoing M.Sc (Optometry)  Demonstrator
  8. Mr. Raktim Das Bachelor in Optometry                                Demonstrator
  9. Ms. Katia Kayina BSc Optometry                                             Demonstrator
  10. Mrs. Rohmingthangi –                                                                    IVth Grade
  11. Mr. Lalengmawia –                                                                           IVth Grade



  1. Sarda Devi PhD (Biochemistry)                                      Asst. Professor
  2. Linda T Lalchhingpuii M.Sc (Nutrition)                       Asst. Professor
  3. L. Lalthakima M.Sc (IT)                                                       Asst. Professor
  4. C. Karuppaswamy M.Sc (Micro) M.Phil                       Asst. Professor
  5. Zothansangi MBBS, MD (Path)                                         Asst. Professor
  6. K. Lalremmawii          M. Pharm                                          Asst. Professor