As per UGC Guidelines and as advised by Director, College Development Council, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (I.Q.A.C) has been established at RIPANS with effect from 23.5.2011. Meetings are held every quarterly. The first A.Q.A.R (Annual Quality Assurance Report) has been approved by the 25th Executive Council held on 12.3.2012 and been duly submitted to Director I.Q.A.C, Mizoram University. The A.Q.A.R is be incorporated in the Annual Report. The 2nd and 3rd A.Q.A.R has been approved in the 26th Executive Council held on 17th December, 2013. The 4th A.Q.A.R will be submitted for approval in the 27th Executive Council meeting soon to be held this year. Self Study Report (S.S.R) for National Assessment & Accreditation Council (N.A.A.C) is also being prepared after which Letter of Intent (L.O.I) shall be submitted online for Accreditation of Courses by N.A.A.C.

Name of the Institution:     Regional Institute of Paramedical & Nursing Sciences (RIPANS), under Min. of H & FW, Govt. of India

Affiliating University :     Mizoram University (Central University by Act 8 of 2000 of Parliament of India).

Name of Director RIPANS:     Dr. Chawngthanliana

Ph.No. Office            :     0389-2350521/2350522

Residence                 :     0389-2351906

Mobile                      :     09436142311/9436141328

Fax                           :     0389-2351130

E-mail                      :


Name of Coordinator I.Q.A.C:  Dr.Nivedita Sharma

Ph.No.Office             :     0389-2350179

Residence                 :     0389-2351906

Mobile                      :     09436142310

E-mail                      :


Members of I.Q.A.C of RIPANS:

  • Dr. Chawngthanliana, Director, RIPANS
  • Ms. Lalfamkimi, Principal , Dept. of Nursing, RIPANS
  • Dr. Lalsanglura Ralte, Head, Dept MLT, RIPANS
  • Dr. H.Lalhlenmawia, Head, Dept Pharmacy, RIPANS
  • Dr. Renee Lalrinzuali, Head, Dept.of Optometry, RIPANS
  • Dr. H.Lalrinmawia, HOD, Dept. of Radiography, RIPANS
  • Finance & Accounts Officer, RIPANS
  • Dr. Nivedita Sharma, Officer In charge( Training & Placement), Coordinator-I.Q.A.C & Examinations and Academic Representative, RIPANS.
  • Margaret Ch.Zama (Coordinator I.Q.A.C Mizoram University)- External Expert.
  • Laltanpuia, Associate Professor, Govt.Zirtiri Residential Science College – External Expert.