Regional Institute of Paramedical and Nursing Sciences

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RIPANS Institute is located at Zemabawk on the slope of a hill generously donated by the Govt.of Mizoram. The site is surrounded by National Highway 54 on the South-East and a Hospital and Health Departmental Store on the North-West. It is located in the outskirt, about 10 kms away from the capital city of Aizawl. The scenic beauty of the Campus on completion itself will be attractive beyond comparision with any other similar Institute. The site offers wide scope of development in terms of infrastructure and the dedicated services of the employees (teaching and non-teaching) have created an environment of real education. The scenic beauty of the city can be well seen and appreciated from the Campus.
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  • Message from Director, RIPANS on Online Examination 2020


Title Reference No Publish Date Openning Date Close Date
Processing of chemicals on rate contract D.15013/9/2016-RIPANS(pt)/60 27-01-2020 27-02-2020 28-02-2020
Processing of Chemicals, Reagents and Glassware on rate contract D.15013/6/2016-RIPANS/231 24-01-2020 25-02-2020 24-02-2020
Repair And Resurfacing of Internal Road at RIPANS D.11029/2/2015-RIPANS/48 06-01-2020 07-02-2020 06-02-2020