DBT-Biotech Hub

Overview of Institutional Level, Biotech Hub, RIPANS

  1. Name of the Host Institution: Regional Institute of Paramedical
    and Nursing Sciences.
  2. Status of the Biotech Hub: Institutional Level
  3. Name and Designation of the Coordinator: Mrs. K. Thanzami
  4. Funded by: Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
  5. Year of Sanction with sanction no.: No. BT/04/NE/2009; Dated 21/09/2010
  6. Area of specialization: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  7. Priority R&D area of Biotech Hub: Exploration of the rich biodiversity of Mizoram, especially the ethno-medicinal plants

Infrastructure created through Biotech Hub project

Project staff recruited (Name and Designation):

1. Laldinchhana (JRF)- LeftDSCN2294

2.Christopher V.L. Famkima (JRF)- Left

3. C. Lalhriatpuia (JRF)-Present



Major equipments procured:

Sl. No. Name of the equipment Model  number and brand name
1 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer UV-10, Thermoscientific
2 Lyophilliser Mini Lyodel, Delvac
3 Hoeffer semi-dry transfer unit with compatible power supply unit TE70X, Genaxy
4 Digital analytical balance TP, Denver Instruments
5 Triple stage distillation unit Borosil
6 Micropipettes (3 nos.) Eppendorf
7 Digital antibiotic zone reader Anand&Anand
8 Desktop computer with 3-in-1 printer HP
9 Air conditioner(Window type) Biosleep, Samsung
10 Vortex mixer Labnet
11 Digital colony counter Anand&Anand
12 20 kVa UPS Uniline




Activities of Biotech Hub

Nature and number of trainings conducted

Sl. No.  Title of the training programme Duration No. of participants trained
Faculty Students Level of participants
1 1st Summer School cum Workshop 5 days (23-27 May, 2011) 08 17 Higher Secondary School Teacher, Research Scholar, College Teacher
2 Seminar on ‘Biotechnology: Trends in drug discovery’ One day (23 February, 2013) 06 27 Higher Secondary School Students and Teacher
3 One day seminar on Advances in Biotechnology for 4th Year B. Pharm students 1 day (15th March, 2014) 04 41 B.Pharm students
4 One day seminar on Advances in Biotechnology for 2nd and 4th Semester B. Pharm students 22nd March, 2014 04 71 B.Pharm students
5 Quiz competition on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology subject was conducted for 4th Year B. Pharm students 15th March, 2014 41 B.Pharm students
6 Essay writing competition on ‘Application of Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Sciences’ was conducted which was open to all B. Pharm students.. March, 2014 112 B.Pharm students