RIPANS Library

RIPANS library was established in 1997. Initially Library users were restricted to teaching faculty members only due to shortage of books, staff, space etc. During the last few years it was growing and development takes place in its holding, users reading materials. Recently library had been computerized. Catalogue of collection of the library holdings have been available for user’s searching throughout the campus network(intranet) using Web OPAC facility of TLSS.

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List of  Staff:

  1. Ms. M.Lalthantluangi, Librarian
  2. Mr. Rinengmawia, Asst.Librarian
  3. Mr. Lalramdinthara, Cataloguer
  4. Ms Saidingpuii, Data entry
  5. Mr. Lalremsanga, IV Grade
  6. Mr. Engmawia, IV Grade